08. March 2016 · Comments Off on Skeebus 1.2 · Categories: Mac

Skeebus has been updated with new features and minor bug fixes:

– Added Copy Address function to copy current IP address to clipboard
– Minor bug fixes and performance updates

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11. October 2015 · Comments Off on Skeebus 1.1.1 · Categories: Mac

Skeebus has been updated with minor bug fixes:

– Fixed an error preventing GeoIP information from being displayed in El Capitan (OS X 10.11)
– Fixed a minor error with UI updates in El Capitan (OS X 10.11)

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08. September 2015 · Comments Off on Skeebus 1.0 · Categories: Mac

Introducing Skeebus.

Skeebus is an OS X menu bar app that displays your current public IP address. It uses GeoIP services to provide the country, region, city, postal code, latitude/longitude, and ISP information. Skeebus also displays the country flag to the right of the IP address, and looks great for both traditional and dark menu bar modes. You can even click the Lat/Long data to plot the location on a map.

If the app is unable to contact the GeoIP provider, it will fall back to another provider and determine your IP address without the GeoIP information. Skeebus does not periodically contact either provider to update your address, rather it automatically updates any time an interface state changes (a cable is plugged in/unplugged, wireless is connected/disconnected, a VPN is connected/disconnected, etc.). You can also manually refresh the data at any point.

I would like to thank the authors of Reachability.swift and SwiftyJSON. Your contributions to the development community greatly helped me in writing this app.

Skeebus uses ipinfo.io and ipify.org to provide GeoIP and IP information, respectively.

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04. September 2015 · Comments Off on APG 2.1 · Categories: Mac

APG has been updated with minor bug fixes:

APG 2.0 had a bug within the history editor that resulted in the cursor not being moved to the end of the history before displaying a new password. APG 2.1 has addressed this issue.

If you enjoy using this software, please take the time to rate it on the App Store. Thanks!

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17. August 2015 · Comments Off on APG 2.0 · Categories: Mac

APG has been updated and improved, and is now available via the Mac App Store.

APG generates passwords with two (2) to eight (8) random common dictionary words. It displays length and approximate bits of entropy. The length of the password is often more important than the complexity. For example, if a person had the password “yz4%38nX@nl2” versus a password based on four common yet unrelated dictionary words such as “goodnessflexiblehousingcigarette”, the latter would take far longer to crack during a brute-force attack (12 vs. 32 characters). Additionally, people who use completely random complex passwords often write them down. However, a password based on a string of common unrelated English words is much easier for someone to remember, and at the same time secure. If you want the best of both worlds (length and complexity), you can use the built-in editor to customize the generated password by adding mixed case, numbers, and special characters.

The previous non-Mac App Store version (1.5) is still available here.

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13. September 2013 · Comments Off on APG 1.5 · Categories: Mac

What’s New in Version 1.5
Updated for newer versions of OS X, fixed minor errors in word list.

MD5: 3e3e78a3dc8d21aa24f43dacca928448

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20. September 2012 · Comments Off on APG 1.4 · Categories: Mac

What’s New in Version 1.4
Ready for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), separator checkbox now updates currently generated password, other minor interface improvements.

MD5: 9c33605ae05392ab48adc8e15e31dca9

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